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Nanotechnology Therapy for Detoxification & Decontamination

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The University of Florida is seeking a company interested in commercializing novel methods of drug detoxification. Life-threatening toxicity can result from drug overdose, organ dysfunction, exposure to toxic chemicals, or biological warfare. It is a major health care problem throughout the world, affecting hundreds of thousands of patients each year. Current treatments are ineffective against most toxic substances. However, researchers at the University of Florida have developed complementary methods in medicine, particle engineering, molecular biology, and biochemistry to solve this difficult clinical problem in a broad manner. This new technology provides highly effective therapeutic techniques for reversing the physiological effects of a wide range of toxins. It is also useful for removing toxins from skin and other surfaces, and for cleaning up environmental hazards.


Detoxification and decontamination in a wide range of applications, such as:
  • Reversing the physiological effects of toxic substances in humans and animals
  • Eliminating toxins from organic and artificial surfaces
  • Removing environmental hazards


  • Useful for a wide range of medical, veterinary, military, industrial, and environmental applications, ensuring multiple market opportunities
  • Effective against a wide range of toxic substances, offering a broad therapeutic solution
  • Capable of oral, intravenous, or surface use, providing flexible application
  • Adaptable to specific applications, maximizing user acceptance

To discuss this technology with a licensing officer call (352)392-8929 or email and ask about record UF ID: 10453